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Expat and student psychologist in Delft

Drs. Paula Koolmees-Mitrovic, Psychologist NIP, cognitive behavioral therapist, Mindfulness trainer en life coach in Delft

Everybody is welcome in the psychology practice of drs. Paula Koolmees- Mitrovic. Children, young people, students and adults until 65 years old with small or big problems or questions are welcome. Also, couples and families in any form are most welcome. The only condition is that you have a GP or after the intake, you will have a GP.

The psychology practice offers short trajectories of on average of 3 to 8 conversations. And long trajectories of 8-30 conversations.

The psychologist ensures that you feel at ease and safe so that you can tell your story. The psychologist is a professional and will handle the details of you and your private data in the correct manner. The NIP Code of Conduct for Psychologists is used.

The psychologist regularly follows courses, conferences, intervision and supervision. In this way, the best care and treatment is guaranteed for you.

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During the first intake, we get to know each other, we look at your help questions and your complaints.

It is checked whether and how the psychologist can help you.

The psychologist will ask many questions to get to know you as a person, but also to see what exactly is going on with you. You can also get to know the psychologist and see if you feel good and understood. The psychologist thinks it’s important to put you at ease so that the bond of trust can start to grow/ This is essential for good therapy or coaching.

At the end of the conversation, it will be discussed what is going on and what will be the plan for further treatment. Your wishes and questions are important. the research is started.

In most cases, this will be done through the practice, but sometimes the psychologist will refer you if you can be helped better elsewhere.


You can take place in Delft in the waiting room on the first floor, you do not have to report you are there, the psychologist will pick you up. If you are in possession of a GP letter, you can then take it with you. If you do not have these in your possession, that is not necessary.


During the treatment, we will go deeper into your complaints and try to find a solution. The treatment is aimed at getting rid of your complaints or reducing them as quickly as possible. You will also gain more insight and the psychologist will explain things about possible causes. Most people feel better after 3 to 4 conversations and have more insight into themselves. The treatment is a mix of different methods to treat you. The basis is often cognitive behavioural therapy.

The psychologist makes use of elements from EMDR, psychoeducation, cognitive behavioural therapy, IPT, ACT, IBSR, schema therapy and mindfulness. You will also be advised on exercises and books.

To be able to treat you better, research is always done.


The research is started if you wish to continue after the intake interview.

Research is being done to find out more about your complaints and/or problems, your personality, how you deal with problems. The research is meant to understand more about yourself and your psychological problems. Of course, your privacy is handled extremely well. The research is briefly discussed during a session. If you want to look at the research extensively, you can indicate this and then the time is taken for 1 to 2 sessions.

During the intake interview, you can also choose to do more extensive research into various components of psychology, such as personality, your contacts with others, your relationship, your problem-solving skills. You will receive a quotation from us by e-mail with which you must agree, after which the investigation will start.

Costs and Reimbursement:

Said amounts are all exempt from VAT. This only applies to individual therapy.

Individual therapy:

Intake interview Follow-up consultation Telephone consultation Emailconsult


Workdays € 117.00 € 98.00 € 35.00 € 20.00


Evening or weekend € 147.00 € 128.00


Research € 117


For both intake and follow-up interviews, a call duration of 45 minutes applies. Also 15 minutes is spent on administration and preparation. If you want to talk to the psychologist, then there is the possibility of a telephone or email consultation.

The costs of the research are once and there are two research moments, at the beginning or the end. With longer treatments there are sometimes more research moments. There are no additional charges.


These costs are charged to you and not to your health insurance . It is your own responsibility to check with your health insurance what is reimbursed.

Relationship therapy / System conversations with 2 or more persons:

Intake interview Follow-up consultation Telephone consultation Emailconsult


Work days € 130.00 € 120.00 € 35.00 € 20.00


Evening or weekend € 150.00 € 140.00


Research € 117



Research: 117 euros per person. Both at the beginning and the end of treatment.

A call duration of 45 minutes applies for follow-up conversations. Also 15 minutes is spent on administration and preparation. If you want to talk to the psychologist, then there is the possibility of a telephone or email consultation. If the discussions take longer, this is settled with the hourly rate. It is also possible and advisable to have a double session of 90 minutes. Of these costs are 240 euros.

Coaching: The costs are 130 euros per call. This includes 21% VAT.


Other Costs: during the treatment it is also possible to do more treatment, coaching or research, the psychologist will talf to you when this is something that will help you and only after your permission a bill will be send.



These costs are charged to you and not to your health insurance. You must check for yourself whether the costs are reimbursed, preferably before or after the intake interview. Relationship therapy is not reimbursed. See also uncontracted care.

Payment and Medicas

You can pay in cash as well as via internet banking.

The psychologist will send you an email with the invoice. Please request that you pay this as soon as possible via internet banking (no later than 2 weeks). The practice works together with Medicas. If you have not paid on time, Medicas will contact you regarding the outstanding invoice and send you a payment reminder. Please pay Medicas. If the bills are not paid, they will be demanded through the Medicas collection agency. These costs are charged to you. You will find their payment terms in the add-on. 



Cancel appointment

The appointments can be canceled or opposed 48 hours in advance by e-mail and by telephone. Also outside working hours via the mail.

Agreements that are cancelled less than 48 hours will be fully charged. In this time it is not possible to reschedule a new appointment.

Uncontracted care *

Psychology Practice Koolmees wants to focus on your recovery and wants to be able to fully focus on that. By not contracting with health insurers your privacy and deductible is guaranteed and the time is spent on you. We make decisions together in good consultation, without interference from your health insurer. In addition, this construction maintains your own risk.

Registration practice

The practice has opted not to conclude contracts with health insurance. This means that the practice falls under uncontracted care or psychosocial care and does not fall under basic mental health care or specialized mental health care. This may imply that the conversations are not or partially reimbursed via the supplementary package. Check with your health insurance, preferably before and after the intake interview. The psychologist does not have a BIG registration. DBC is therefore not possible.

In the context of quality, the practice is affiliated with various registrations

The psychologist is a member of the psychologist association NIP and has the registration PSYCHOLOGIST NIP.

The psychologist’s membership number is 137743.

The AGB code of the care provider is: 90109021

The AGB code of practice is: 9459363

I am a member of the NFG (VPMW): 7612

I am a member of the RBCZ 810153R

I am a member of the VGCT 302821

You can go to the psychologist without a referral letter. If you want reimbursement from the health insurance  it may be advisable to request a referral via the general practitioner. It is important to first contact your health insurer.

Contact and accessibility

The practice has a secretary

+31 (0)15-2026020


+31 (0)640059080



Psychology Practice Koolmees

Psychologist Paula Koolmees- Mitrovic

Nassaulaan 23, 2628 GA Delft


First floor
There are also interns working in practice. If you do not like this, you can always indicate this to the psychologist. Gladly even. Interns work under supervision of the psychologist, so the psychologist is ultimately responsible. The trainee can also contact you on assignment from the practice.

It is also possible that other professionals contact you on behalf of the practice. This is usually the secretariat or an assistant. This is only to provide you with the best care.


Outside office hours you can contact your own doctor or the GP.

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